Helping curious minds and questioning souls do the learning, connecting and reflecting we need to figure out what the good life means for each of us.

Our Story

The Good Life School has been baking since 2017. It started out as a blog called Growth Seekers, exploring personal growth, fulfilment and flourishing.

Then in spring 2020, at the start of lockdown in Scotland, a friend here in Edinburgh invited a bunch of us to do the #100daychallenge to commit to 100 days of creativity.

As a teacher and trainee therapist (and natural born geek…) fascinated with what it takes to live well and convinced of the value of exploring in a close-knit community, I used the time to design two interactive courses in positive mental health and pilot the first via Zoom with 15 amazing guinea pigs from across the globe. It was epic!

Here’s one of the crew: “I thought it was absolutely brilliant – fun, engaging, informative and highly professional”.

And here’s another: “Everyone should know this stuff, in the same way that everyone should know road safety. It’s an opportunity to be better-equipped for life”.

The pilot group helped shape the course as it is today by telling us what worked and what would be even better. You can see their legacy for yourself if you want to join us on The Science of Stress, Calm and Feeling Good.

There are more courses in the pipeline now, which we’ll be piloting over the coming months (let us know if you want to be a guinea pig and we’ll keep you in the loop). It’s exciting!

In the meantime, we’re writing blogs, filming videos and recording conversations on the themes of positive mental health and emotional wellbeing, drawing from science, philosophy, art and the lived experiences of everyday people.

Ultimately, the Good Life School exists to help people figure out what the good life means for each of us by understanding ourselves better and recognising where we fit in our wider contexts and in relation to others.

We believe that such insights give us a much better shot at living content, healthy and connected lives, and that this positive self-development can ripple across our communities and beyond.

Why study at the Good Life School?

  • Stop feeling alone in thinking there must be more to life
  • Get to know yourself better
  • Understand The Bigger Picture
  • Connect with other curious minds and questioning souls who care about this life and the people in it
  • Have fun!
  • Find your way to live, feel and love fully
  • Figure out what the good life means for you
  • Lay the groundwork to thrive in your one, short, precious life

What happens in class?

Our students learn about positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in interactive lessons drawing from the latest thinking and research in science blended with philosophy, art and real life.

Learning is active and engaging. Our students get to discuss and reflect in small groups, connecting with fellow bright sparks and soul-searchers from their own back yard and across the globe.

We’re based in Edinburgh in Scotland and offer small group interactive courses and workshops online via Zoom and in person.

Who's running the show?

Emily Mason

Emily Mason

Chief Empath and Creative Communications Specialist

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Lorna Lythgoe

Lorna Lythgoe

Learning Guru and Course Designer/Facilitator

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