Helping curious minds and questioning souls do the learning, connecting and reflecting we need to figure out what the good life means for each of us.

What’s the Good Life School?

The Good Life School is a new project working to help people understand themselves better in our wider contexts so that we can each have a much better shot at living content, healthy and connected lives.

We’re based in Edinburgh in Scotland and offer small group interactive courses and workshops online via Zoom and in person.

Our students learn about positive mental health and emotional wellbeing, drawing from the latest thinking and research in social-psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience and more.

Learning is active and engaging. Our students get to discuss and reflect in small groups, connecting with fellow bright sparks and soul-searchers from their own back yard and across the globe.

Together, we share experiences and perspectives, successes and challenges, mysteries and discoveries.

Together, we figure out what the good life means for each of us.

Why study at the Good Life School?

  • Stop feeling alone in thinking there must be more to life
  • Get to know yourself better
  • Understand The Bigger Picture
  • Connect with other curious minds and questioning souls who care about this life and the people in it
  • Have fun!
  • Find your way to live, feel and love fully
  • Figure out what the good life means for you
  • Lay the groundwork to thrive in your one, short, precious life

Who's running the show?

Emily Mason

Emily Mason

Chief Empath and Creative Communications Specialist

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Lorna Lythgoe

Lorna Lythgoe

Learning Guru and Course Designer/Facilitator

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