I can help you achieve goals, gain greater self-awareness, or mindfully navigate a shift in focus in your life.






  • FEE

    £25 to £45 / Hour

When you’re in a rut, nothing beats having a co-pilot to help you get out of the weeds and realise your strengths and opportunities.

I can be your co-pilot!

I’m Lorna, Founder of the Good Life School and a qualified life and career coach with a passion for helping people flourish.

What Happens in Coaching?

What happens in coaching is down to you. You bring the focus, I bring the process.

The process involves me using my knowledge of neuroscience and social-psychology, and my skills in facilitating learning and change, to help you gain clarity and move forward.

I can help you achieve goals, gain greater self-awareness, or mindfully navigate a shift in focus in your life.

I help you recognise the influence of your experiences and the world around us on your behaviours and beliefs.

I don’t tell you what to do or judge your choices. Instead, I help you think things through as your reflective, questioning, observing and caring partner.

I share what I notice about you, challenge your thinking, help you connect the dots, and highlight your strengths and potential every step of the way.

I’m your accountability partner and I keep you on track.

In the long-term, I teach you how to be your own coach.

Who’s Coaching For?

Coaching* is for anyone who’s feeling stuck or has a conundrum they’d like to work through.

It’s for those who know the value of professional support in thinking through important ideas and decisions.

I welcome people from wide-ranging backgrounds, including those whose first language isn’t English, as I’ve spent 20 years living and working internationally in culturally-diverse contexts.

*Coaching is not the same as counselling or psychotherapy. If you feel you would benefit from support in working through emotional and psychological difficulties, there are many wonderful therapists who can be enormously helpful.

Timing and Duration

As for timing and duration, it depends on your needs and preferences.

Some people find a one-hour weekly session for six weeks enough, others prefer twelve or more. Some like to meet once a fortnight/month for six months or more. Others want one or two sessions to get them going, then they touch base every now and then for a refuel.

We can decide this at the start or as we go. I find ‘structure with flex’ works well.


I meet clients on Zoom, a high quality and secure video conferencing platform that you can download and use for free.


Prices are set to be as inclusive as possible and based on a dana (gift) economy model (‘give what you can, take what you need’).

It derives from my desire to enter into a wholehearted human relationship with coachees rather than a provider-consumer interaction.

We’ll discuss at the start what you plan to pay – here are my suggested prices:

  • Full price (‘pay-it-forward’: your fees help subsidise another coachee) – £45 per hour
  • Moderate waged – £35 per hour
  • Low waged – £25 per hour
  • Unwaged – contact us for free coaching (we offer a number of pro bono coaching sessions each month)

Book a free no obligation Zoom chat with me to ask any questions and see if we’re a good fit!

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Lorna Lythgoe

Lorna Lythgoe

Founder and Course Designer/Facilitator

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