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Learn why and how stress affects wellbeing and explore antidotes, drawing on insights from social-psychology, neuroscience and mental health.

Feeling Good: The Science of Everyday Resilience


    6 Weeks


    2 hours

  • FEE

    up to £120

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About Course

Learn how and why our mood, mind and body are affected by the stressful world we live in and discover effective, sustainable ways to build long-term resilience for a calmer, happier and more enjoyable life.

Develop knowledge and skills through videos, discussions and activities, and apply these to your everyday life through achievable weekly actions.

Receive a course companion guide featuring session summaries and activities and extra self-study resources (included in course fees).

What’s it like in class?

This lively interactive course for adults is designed to be informative, uplifting and personally developmental!

We give you loads of opportunities to get to know each other and really connect in a warm, relaxed atmosphere by keeping classes small (maximum 15 participants) and mixing up the discussion groups of 3 or 4 people.

Your teacher, Good Life School founder Lorna Lythgoe, has over 20 years’ experience in adult education and makes sure sessions are dynamic and engaging so there’s no danger you’ll be bored, no matter how Zoomed-out you are!

Online learning

Online Learning

This is a virtual group course, which means we meet online via Zoom (free to download and use). We take a short break in the middle to give you a screen break, and include varied activities to avoid Zoom fatigue:)

You’ll be chatting in small groups so you’ll need a good internet connection and a computer with camera and microphone.

You’ll receive the Zoom meeting link after you book your place.

Course Overview

Session 1 - Stress Response

Learn about what stress actually is, why we experience it and how it affects us, and discuss the implications of this in our lives.

Session 2 - Emotions

Learn about the function and value of positive and so-called negative emotions, and discuss how to harness the benefit of the positive emotions we experience daily to soothe our stress response.

Session 3 - People

Learn why we are wired to connect and explore how to feel good through generating and noticing micro-moments of human connection with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Session 4 - Thoughts

Learn about what’s happening in our brains when they process complex information and ‘worries’, and discuss means of calming busy minds.

Session 5 - Self

Learn about how the stressful dissonance between our authentic selves and the demands of cultural programming can be dissolved, and explore being you.

Session 6 - Resilience, Hope & Possibility

Take stock of what we’ve learned on this course and use the final session to identify and develop our personal resources to look to the future and thrive.


We want everyone to have the chance to learn and connect, especially in these challenging times, and so we offer our courses on a sliding scale:

  • £120 - Full price (‘Pay-it-Forward’: help subsidise another student!)
  • £90 - Moderate-waged
  • £60 - Low-waged

(Please still apply if you are Unwaged - we offer a number of pro bono places on each course. We’re able to offer these subsidised places thanks to the generosity of those who buy our Full Price Pay-It-Forward tickets. We are enormously grateful for this spirit of togetherness – thank you!)

Get in Touch

Book a 15 minute chat with Lorna to ask any questions and get to know your teacher for yourself.


I really think the value in this is the sharing and the talking about experiences....I feel a common humanity in experiencing all these chats with people essentially about our condition as humans. Previously I was feeling quite disconnected and it's made me feel a lot better

Good Life School student Mel Berard

Everyone should know this stuff, in the same way that everyone should know road safety. It’s an opportunity to be better-equipped for life

Course beta-tester Paul Lambie
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Lorna Lythgoe

Lorna Lythgoe

Founder and Course Designer/Facilitator

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