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Figure out what to do with your career/life and take the first steps in a new direction through supportive structured group coaching on Zoom!

Make a Change: Career/Life Change Programme


    6 sessions


    2 hours

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Be a Guinea Pig!

This is a pilot course. We are looking for 14 beta-testers to trial this highly interactive Zoom programme.

We ask you to give us constructive feedback so that we can develop an inspiring, kick-ass programme to really help people make positive, sustainable changes in their lives!

Essential details:

6 x 2 hour sessions from 1st-18th December 2020

Dates and times TBC, based on participant availability

Maximum 14 participants

Course Overview

Figure out your new direction and gain the tools to ease the way while working in a small group of smart, creative and passionate folk who are motivated to live lives they love!

During six sessions, you will:

  • Identify your strengths, values and passions
  • Create a powerful vision of where you want to go
  • Strategise how to get there, flexibly
  • Learn techniques for overcoming doubt and fear
  • Run small experiments in your new direction
  • Plan how to bounce back from failure
  • Get ready to launch!

Workshops are highly interactive, filled with group discussion, activities to help you gain personal insight and create a working action plan, tools and tips to get over hurdles, and useful lessons and experiences about changing careers.

About Your Facilitator

Lorna Lythgoe is a qualified life/career coach with over 20 years' experience in adult education, and the founder of the Good Life School. She is great at facilitating online learning and discussion and fully understands what it’s like to be a student (she’s currently doing her fourth postgraduate degree). She’s zesty and engaging, friendly and down-to-earth, and a big hit with students.

About the Good Life School

Based in Edinburgh in Scotland, the Good Life School creates online and face-to-face courses, events and resources for all kinds of people at all different stages of the very human journey into self-understanding and living the good life.

For me, the course was the perfect balance of casual and focused, informative and personal, theoretical and practical

Kirsten, Switzerland
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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Lorna Lythgoe

Lorna Lythgoe

Founder and Course Designer/Facilitator

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