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Learn about why and how stress affects our wellbeing and explore what calms the stress response.

The Science of Stress, Calm and Feeling Good


    6 Weeks


    2 hours

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About Course

The Science of Stress, Calm and Feeling Good is for people interested in understanding and discussing key biological, psychological and social components of stress and its antidotes in relation to how we live our lives.

This six-week course for adults, which has a maximum of 14 participants, offers a fascinating and enjoyable learning experience through short educational videos, small-group conversation, reflection and connection, and achievable weekly actions.

This is a virtual course, which means we meet and discuss online via Zoom. You will need a good internet connection and a computer with camera and microphone.

Our courses are created by expert educators drawing on the latest thinking and research in social-psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and mental health.

Courses are designed to be interactive, educational and personally developmental. There is a strong focus on learning through group discussion and reflection, and we offer a warm atmosphere to nurture authentic connection among the group.

Course Overview

Session 1 - Stress Response

Learn about what stress actually is, why we experience it and how it affects us, and discuss in groups the implications of this in our lives.

Session 2 - Emotions

Learn about the function and value of positive and so-called negative emotions, and discuss how to harness the benefit of the positive emotions we experience daily to soothe our stress response.

Session 3 - People

Learn why we are wired to connect and explore how to feel good through generating and noticing micro-moments of human connection with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Session 4 - Thoughts

Learn about what’s happening in our brains when they process complex information and ‘worries’, and discuss your ideas for calming busy minds.

Session 5 - Self

Learn about how the stressful dissonance between our authentic selves and neoliberal society can be dissolved, and explore being you.

Session 6 - Resilience, Hope & Possibility

Review what we’ve learned this course and use the final session to realise and develop our personal resources to look to the future and thrive.


I really think the value in this is the sharing and the talking about experiences....I feel a common humanity in experiencing all these chats with people essentially about our condition as humans. Previously I was feeling quite disconnected and it's made me feel a lot better

Good Life School student Mel Berard
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Lorna Lythgoe

Lorna Lythgoe

Learning Guru and Course Designer/Facilitator

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