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Learn about the neuroscience and sociology of addiction, and better understand addictive behaviour as a symptom of modern life.

What Is Addiction Really?


    4 Weeks


    2 hours

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About Course

During four informative sessions drawing from up to date research in the neuroscience and sociology of addiction, learn about the roles of stress, motivation and human connection in addictive behaviours and the brain. Discover new insight into the human condition, gaining greater compassion for the struggles we face in a fast-paced and alienating world.

Course Overview

The Good Life School is a new project working to help people understand themselves better in our wider contexts so that we can each have a good shot at living content, healthy and connected lives.

We are currently developing the course What is Addiction Really? and will be piloting it in summer 2020, before releasing it in the autumn.

If you’re interested in being a beta-tester or joining the fully polished version, sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you in the loop (we promise not to spam you!).


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Lorna Lythgoe

Lorna Lythgoe

Learning Guru and Course Designer/Facilitator

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