• I feel inspired and uplifted! I’ve learned so much, and in ways I didn’t expect - it’s not just the fascinating course, it’s the way the classes are designed to get you to relate it to your own life/life in general. And you’re doing the thinking and learning with other people who give perspectives you’d never have thought of and hold a mirror up to yours. I’ve made some great connections with new friends, and I’ve noticed subtle changes in my thinking and behaviour - amazing! It’s good stuff, this Good Life School - thank you:)

    — Kim Matthews, Teacher and Entrepreneur

  • GLS is a fantastic initiative, with (peer-reviewed) evidence-based information delivered in accessible and engaging formats. It offers the opportunity to reflect upon important life issues in interactive groups, ensuring the content can be explored in relation to one’s own life and current social context. As such it also provides the chance to build meaningful connections in a safe community with like-minded people. And last, but not least, it’s a lot of fun!

    — Dr Aoife S. McKenna, Medical Sociologist

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